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And what are your qualifications?

It would go from the utility room to the roof. Over the utility room is a drywall ceiling, and then the attic. The attic has no floor, just unrolled insulation lying on the framework and ceiling below. The roof is about six feet above, and is an ordinary wood roof with ordinary roofing material on it. It's an A-frame house, and the roof is of average steepness, not very steep. If you fall off the roof, you would fall about 9 feet to a concrete patio, and I would give you a free ride to the hospital.

How many hours would it take, and how much do you charge per hour?

Also can you estimate the cost of the materials?

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My roof has reached the end of its natural life, so I asked some roofing contractors for their free estimates. Their quotes vary. When they begin the actual work, will the price be the same?

Does anyone have any experience in this matter? I need to set aside some money for the reroofing work, but I'm not sure if the builders' quote will be accurate.

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Benefits to include constant shading from sun, warmth and heat retention during the winter months, since I do not require any lighting from the roof. My conservatory is well-built with ample provision for windows and doors. The only problem is with the roof – too much light at all times and heat from sun during summer, with extremely cold conditions in winter. I would be extremely grateful if there were to be simple ways of making the roof give the same satisfying conditions as ordinary roofing and ceilings. Extension was built to provide an extra living space for use all year round.

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Is it best to put metal roofing on over old asbestos shingles(providing it's less than three layers) or to tear off all the old shingles first? And does it hurt anything to tear off the shingles on one side and leave them on the other side and put the metal roof on?

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Have two rectangular shaped skylights…my husband and I have already installed metal roofing on part of our house, now moving on to the part that has the skylights. Want to be sure to do it correctly so we won't have leaks. Should we just cut the metal holes out and silicone around the edges or is there more to it than that? Please advise.

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